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Our History


Four Star Fiction & Video opened its doors November 11, 1985, offering a diverse selection of books and videos to the workers and residents of downtown Madison. By specializing in underserved genres and valuing the feedback of the community, it eventually grew into the Four Star Video Heaven we are today: still locally-owned and –operated, with an expansive rental library that focuses on foreign-language, anime, independent and documentary film, as well as main-stream Hollywood releases.


Over the years we have hosted many celebrated guests, from Roger Ebert to Michael Moore; we have stirred many a controversy, from the first amendment burnt into a flag hanging in our window to free condom giveaways; we have survived change (original owner David Smith selling FSVH to then-manager Lisa Brennan in 2003); we have suffered disaster (The Great Flood of 2004, when our roof caved in under the weight of rainwater) and we have celebrated our ties with our customers and community through 22 years of local philanthropy and support for organizations such as the AIDS Network, the Rape Crisis Center, NARAL, and the Common Wealth Development/Wil-Mar Center.


We hope we are able to offer Madison an extraordinary selection of exceptional movies, whether for entertainment or education, for many years to come. Movies have always had the power to open doors and windows into places and the lives of people we may have never seen or met; they have provided us with a wealth of opportunity to remember, to inspire and to observe.


Dane County Buy Local Initiative

Four Star Video Heaven knows exactly what keeps us in business: our customers. This is why we joined the Dane County Buy Local program –to work with other small businesses in the area in order to bolster the local economy through local spending. As long as there are Madison-area movie lovers who understand the value of supporting local businesses, we will be here. The fact that much of our stock is inspired by customer request proves that symbiosis. We certainly appreciate all our customers, and that is why we do things like support their non-profits and schools, and have big Anniversary sales!


The Wisconsin Film Festival at Four Star Video Heaven

During the 2007 Wisconsin Film Festival, popular WORT radio show hosts Jan Levine-Thal and Mel & Floyd hosted live in-store broadcasts featuring filmmakers with work in the festival: Curt Ellis ("King Corn"), Phyllis Redman & Eric Breitenbach ("When Pigs Fly"), Ross Riege ("It's Happiness: A Polka Documentary”), Wendy Schneider ("Cut"), Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan ("Chad Vader") and finally Mike Akel, Chris Mass and Mike McAlister ("Chalk"). It was a great chance to get to know visiting and local film producers and directors, and the highlight of the day was certainly Mel & Floyd’s laugh-a-minute interview with Madison denizens and creators of the internet hit series “Chad Vader”, Aaron and Matt.


Due to the huge demand of devoted Film Festival fans, we offer our own film festival booklets cataloging all past Wisconsin Film Festival movies available to rent from our inventory. The booklets are available (free of charge) year-round.


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