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Search Tips

Follow these steps to build your query:
  1. Select the name of the field you wish to search on from the first pop-up menu. Leave the first pop-up menu on 'any field' if you want to search for keywords matching (or not matching) any field.
    Note: Selecting some fields (for example, 'Subtitled' or 'Category') from the first pop-up menu will cause the contents of the second pop-up menu to change to reflect the choices available for that field, and may (depending on the field selected, and your browser's support for dynamic HTML) cause the keywords entry field to disappear.
  2. Select the comparison operation from the second pop-up menu. (For fields that do not require keyword entry, you will have a choice of field values, not comparison operations.) For example, if you are looking for videos with a particular word in the title, you would select 'title' from the first pop-up menu and 'contains' from the second.
  3. If the field you are searching on requires keywords to complete the search clause, enter the keywords you want to find in the third field.
    Note:To search for a complete phrase, rather than individual words, enclose the phrase in quotes. for example, to find the movie "Seven Samurai", select title, is exactly, and enter "Seven Samurai", including quotes. Phrases enclosed in quotes will be ignored for any search type other than is exactly.
  4. To add another clause to this search, press the 'More...' button. Each query may have up to 5 clauses.
  5. Clauses are joined together by the comparison pop-up menu between them. To create a query that will find videos matching each clause, select 'and' from the menu. To create a query that will find all videos matching either clause, select 'or'. Finally, to create a query that will find videos matching the first caluse but not matching the second, select 'and not' from the comparison menu.
  6. Query clauses are executed in top-down order, so in general the clauses that are more broad, or any multiple clauses joined with 'or', should be at the top of the query. For example, searching for 'subtitled is yes and local interest is yes or closed captioned is yes' will find ALL closed captioned videos, not only those that have local interest. To find local videos that are subtitled or closed-captioned, the correct order is 'subtitled is yes or closed captioned is yes and local interest is yes'.
  7. You can remove any query clause by clicking the trash can icon on the right side of that clause.
  8. To execute your query and see the results, click the 'Search' button below the form. After a query is executed, it is saved, and may be loaded from the 'Previous searches' menu above the search form. To load a query, select its description from the menu, and click the 'Load' button. The search form for that query will be re-created, allowing you to edit the query, or exectue it again by clicking the 'Search' button.
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